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Security Projects
Distributed Applications
Related research on Distributed Applications      

The Security Group at the University of Turin, is involved in other research projects, sometimes in cooperation with other groups and companies (such as CSP). The projects outlined in this section do not focus mainly on security problems, although security aspects are always taken into account. In such projects we concentrate our attention on application level network topics, covering in depth analysis and tools implementation.

Web Performance  
Peer to Peer Systems  

Web performance and service quality attributes have gained enormous relevance in service design and deployment. We propose a benchmarking methodology based on the integrated usage of web mining techniques and standard web monitoring and assessment tools.

We are particulartly interested in developing applications using the peer to peer paradigm, such as multicast streaming, distributed authentication, secure routing, hybrid topologies, and so on.


We are granted by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (FIRB research fund). WebMinds is the acronym for Wide-scalE, Broadband, MIddleware for Network Distributed Services.
The main goal of the project is to design and implement a platform for:

  • Ubiquitous remote access (anything, anywhere, anytime)
  • Multimedia communications
  • Remote control
  • Service customization
  • Data downloading and uploading
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